Rent to Own Homes Erie, PA

For over 40 years Palermo Realty has offered high quality and affordable housing in the Erie market.  In keeping with this tradition, Palermo has the ability to finance homes and to offer rent to own in Erie, Pa.  Not every builder or developer has the ability to offer this type of owner financed situation, but because of our tenure in the market, we own a large number of previously bank financed properties, which allows us to offer the rent-to-own scenario. Some of our offerings include townhouses as part of the Glen Eagles subdivision in Millcreek, and also a 3 bedroom townhouse offering at Woodland Hills, in a scenic area of east Erie.  If you are interested in these properties or have specific need, there’s a great chance we can help!  Palermo is your choice for owner financed or rent to own properties in Erie, Pa.


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