What is a Patio Home? Patio Homes for Sale in Erie & Millcreek, PA

wecreate / December 1, 2022
Patio Home Erie PA

What is a Patio Home? Patio Homes for Sale in Millcreek, PA

If you’re in the market for a new home, you’re well aware of all of the factors you’ll need to consider when deciding where to live. How much space will you need? How many people will be living in your home? Do you have kids, or are you planning on having any in the near future? Do you want a big yard, or ample parking for your car? Are you looking to own your own place, or to rent? What’s your budget? 

People often think that choosing where to live is a binary decision, having to choose between a house or an apartment. However, other options exist, including the patio home. Learn more about patio homes and if buying a patio home is the right choice for you. 

What is a Patio Home?  

Patio homes, also known as carriage homes, cluster homes, or courtyard homes, are a specific type of home with unique characteristics. Despite its name, a patio home does not necessarily have to have a patio. Rather, they are defined by their specific architecture and the fact that they share at least one wall with a neighboring patio home. Similar to townhomes, patio homes are not freestanding homes, but are connected to other units. In some cases, patio homes will also have a connected garage. 

Patio homes are typically smaller than traditional houses. They are usually only one story high, though they do occasionally have basements. Some will also have an additional half story that is usually only an extra bedroom or a loft. Additionally, the lots that patio homes are built on are generally very small, with the home taking up a majority of the property. This means that patio homes usually do not have backyards either. 

Patio homes offer a unique combination of affordability and comfort, and are a smaller, low-maintenance option for both older retirees and younger, entry-level buyers looking for an affordable option for their first home. 

Top 3 Benefits of Buying a Patio Home

If you’re looking for your next home, there are many reasons to consider going with a patio home. Some of the many benefits of buying a patio home include: 

  • Affordability. Homes have become very expensive, and unfortunately people are finding themselves being forced to choose between overspending on a home or continuing to rent and live in a small apartment. Patio homes offer an affordable alternative, as they are larger than most apartments without being as expensive as a standalone house.  
  • Community. Since patio homes are connected to each other, you’ll have a built in community as soon as you move in. Some patio home communities also have shared spaces, such as a shared pool or fitness center, providing ample opportunity to meet and spend time with neighbors, if you choose to do so.  Living in a patio home provides you with a perfect balance of having the space and privacy of a house, while still having a close community of neighbors. 
  • Maintenance. Since patio homes are smaller than the average house, they also require less upkeep. Patio home communities will also often have some kind of governing body to oversee things like landscaping and other general home maintenance. If you aren’t into landscaping or mowing your own lawn, you’ll enjoy the fact that a homeowners’ association will be doing these things for you.   


Patio Homes for Sale in Millcreek, PA

Palermo Realty has patio homes for sale in Millcreek, PA, at Saddlewood Patio Home Condominiums. These units come in customizable two and three bedroom floor plans and include oversized garages. Contact us to learn more and to arrange a showing. Let Palermo help you find your perfect home today.  


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