Tips for Utilizing Garages & Storage Units for Seasonal Storage in Erie, Pa.

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9 Tips for Summer & Winter Storage with Seasonal Storage Units in Erie, PA

The seasons here in Erie offer quite a variety of weather conditions. Summers are spent swimming, hosting barbecues, and lounging outside on our patios. Come winter, we’ve swapped our sandals for snow boots, covered our pools, and brought most of our social gatherings indoors to avoid the bitter cold, venturing out only for skiing trips and other snowtime activities. 

The drastic changes of the season also mean putting lots of stuff into storage: patio furniture, skiing equipment, winter clothing, and even motorcycles. Storing your belongings not only helps you to declutter and save precious space in your home but helps to prevent them from being damaged by harsh weather conditions. Palermo Realty offers both garages and storage units in Erie, PA that feature top-level security, full-time maintenance, and easy accessibility if you ever need to come to grab something. 

Common Items for Winter Storage

The most common winter storage items are obviously those used during the summer months. This includes large equipment and appliances such as lawnmowers, grills, patio furniture, pool toys, and sporting equipment. Winter storage items also extend to other outdoor activities including canoes and other small boats, bikes, motorcycles, and other seasonal vehicles.

Common Items for Summer Storage 

The most common summer storage items will of course be things used during the winter months. This includes snow blowers, snowmobiles, skiing and snowboarding equipment, and holiday decorations. Summertime is also when college students come home for the summer, so it’s common to need to store dorm room furniture during the summer months as well.  

9 Tips for Seasonal Storage  

If you’re considering seasonal storage for the summer or winter months, check out our top 9 tips for seasonal storage below: 

  1. Is it Worth Keeping? Before you even begin putting things into storage, ask yourself if it’s worth keeping. If something is damaged, dirty, or just neglected and never used, decide if it’s worth holding onto or not. If not, and it’s still in decent condition, look into donating it. Otherwise, it may be time to toss it. No need to store something that you won’t use anyway! 
  2. Use Plastic Bins. Cardboard boxes are used frequently but do not offer the same level of support as plastic bins, especially over long periods of time. Boxes eventually tear and fall apart, and offer less protection from the elements when compared to sturdier and more tightly sealed plastic bins. 
  3. Label Bins & Boxes. The last thing you want to do when you’re putting things in and out of storage is having to open up boxes to figure out what’s in them. This could be as simple as labeling containers as “summer” or “winter,” or being more thorough and writing out the exact contents of each one.  It may even mean color coding your bins. Figure out what system works best for you, as this will make your storage processes much easier. 
  4. Clean & Cover Your Belongings. First, in order to avoid degradation or potential damage over a period of time, we simply recommend thoroughly cleaning each item prior to putting them in storage. From there, you can use furniture covers or blankets to keep your valuables dust-free.
  5. Use a Utility Trailer. Utilizing a utility trailer for your summer storage items can save you time as the trailer is capable of rolling directly into and out of a storage unit, allowing for convenient retrieval as soon as the seasons change. 
  6. Store Your Kayaks & Canoes. If you own a kayak, canoe, or other small boat, chances are that you won’t be using it during the winter months. And chances are it will take up a lot of space if you keep it at home. Leaving it outside in the yard isn’t an option either, as it will be damaged by the harsh cold weather. Keeping it in storage will keep it safe and out of the way during the cold winter months when you won’t be using it anyway. 
  7. Store Your Motorcycles. As the weather cools and the roads get icy, you won’t be riding your motorcycle as often. Keeping it stored safely during the winter months is often your best option. 
  8. Store Your Grills. You love grilling, we all do. But let’s face it: you’re not going to be hosting a New Years’ barbecue. Be sure to thoroughly clean your grill before storing it – you don’t want any old food sitting in your storage locker for a few months. Be sure to reference your owner’s manual to make sure you are otherwise storing your grill safely. 
  9. Store Your Patio Furniture. Patio furniture will most likely not be used during the winter months. Clean all furniture, as well as any pillows and cushions, thoroughly before storing them. 

Garages & Storage Units for Seasonal Storage in Erie, PA

Palermo Realty provides conveniently located garages and storage units in Erie, Pa. These units are located just minutes from the Millcreek Mall, are available year-round, and feature security cameras to ensure the safety of your vehicles and belongings for the duration of their stay in storage. They also offer easy access in case you ever need to get something out of storage. 

Palermo also facilitates convenient retrieval of vehicles or storage items with the use of powered overhead doors in each unit, a feature especially useful for those storing vehicles. Our 24-hour on-call maintenance is available to answer any questions you have or coordinate retrieval of your belongings as soon as you need them. Whether you’re looking to store a large vehicle or a handful of gardening tools, Palermo’s garages and storage units in Erie, Pa. can help.

Contact us to learn more about our storage units and how we can help store your belongings.

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