What is a Townhouse? Rent or Buy a Townhome in Erie, PA

What is a Townhouse? Rent or Buy a Townhome in Erie, PA

Townhouses for Rent and Sale in Erie, PA

There are a lot of factors to consider when you’re looking for a new place to live. How much space do you need? Do you live alone or have a large family? What part of the city do you want to live in? Do you need parking? A yard? Do you want to buy or rent? How much are you willing to pay? Often, people will look at these factors and then boil it down to a simplified binary decision: house or apartment? 

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But there’s another option which often goes overlooked, but may provide you with a nice middle ground if you can’t decide between moving to a house or an apartment: the townhouse. Palermo Realty has townhouses throughout the greater Erie area that may be exactly what you’re looking for.  

What is a Townhouse? 

A townhouse, sometimes called a townhome, is something of a hybrid of a freestanding house and a condo or apartment. While apartments are most often commercial properties available for rent, townhouses are individually owned. Townhouses will also often have multiple floors and have their own private entrances. Unlike a freestanding house, townhouses will share walls with neighboring properties, and will generally share common spaces like a yard or pool with them as well. 

Top 4 Benefits of Buying or Renting a Townhouse

  1. Cost. There are many advantages to choosing a townhome, but the number one benefit is the cost. Buying a house can be incredibly costly, and townhomes with comparable square footage are often available at much more affordable price point. This is especially helpful for first-time buyers and young families who want space for their kids but haven’t accrued the wealth necessary to buy a detached single-family home.  
  2. Amenities. Additionally, townhomes may provide amenities that come with the development, such as a shared yard, gym, pool, or even a tennis court. Amenities like this would be extremely costly in a private home, and may be harder to come by in traditional apartment buildings. 
  3. Maintenance & Upkeep. Being part of the shared space may also mean there is a homeowners association that will take care of much of the upkeep required to maintain the property. If you aren’t into landscaping, mowing the lawn, or painting the exterior of your house, you’ll enjoy someone else taking care of that for you when living in a townhouse.   
  4. Community. Living in a townhome provides you with the perfect balance of having the space and privacy afforded to you in a private home, while still having your neighbors close enough to provide you with a sense of community. This also provides you with an extra layer of security, as having neighbors nearby means you’ll always have someone looking out for you and your home. 

Erie Townhomes

Whether you’re looking to rent or buy, Palermo can help you find the right townhouse for you. Now is the perfect time to buy – rates are at a historic low, and are likely to go up over the next year. We offer special financing for qualified buyers that is only 5% down without Private Mortgage Insurance. 

Take a look at some of our top townhome listings below: 

Rent to Own Townhomes

It can be difficult to afford to purchase a townhome outright. Palermo Realty offers rent to own options for townhomes where you can rent for a specified period of time with the option to buy at the end of your lease. 

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Woodland Hills Townhomes

Palermo has townhome 3 and 4 bedroom townhouses available for rent in Woodland Hills. Conveniently located near Millcreek Township, Woodland Hills provides privacy while still being close to shopping centers and restaurants. 

View Listings in Woodland Hills

Westgate Townhomes

Our townhomes in Westgate come with a range of amenities including full appliances, off-street parking, and laundry hookups. Palermo has 2 and 3 bedroom townhouses available for rent at affordable prices. 

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Millcreek Township Townhomes 

Palermo Realty has listings for 3 and 4 bedroom townhomes available for rent in Glen Eagle in Millcreek Township. Amenities include a backyard, full appliances, and second level decks. 

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These are only some of the great listings that we have available. If you’re looking for a townhome, or if you need help with any of your other real estate needs, get in touch with us today. We’d love to hear from you!